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PSA #1: Republican and Christian Are Not Synonyms

This post was also written a few days ago, before Republicans waving "Jesus Saves" flags violently stormed the U.S. capitol building. It's still true.

Public Service Announcement #1: Voting Republican is not a requirement for U.S.A. Christians. Yes, Democrats can be Christians. Yes, Libertarians can be Christians. So can *gulp* people who don’t even vote!

Our lives - yes, even our political lives - should reflect Christ. I’ll write more on that eventually. But if you find your MAGA hat wearing brothers and sisters a bit nauseating, I hear you. I can just imagine the vitriol if I told our church friends I voted for Biden.

For now, I’ll just repeat Public Service Announcement #1: Republicans do not have a monopoly on God.

This PSA brought to you by me, and the emotions disgust, betrayal, loneliness, and confusion.

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