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Resolved: To Speak

It’s that time of year again: resolution time. I don’t really like new year’s resolutions. They’re so easy to break. Then, once broken, why bother? You can’t “unbreak” a streak. Might as well wait until next year.

Yet something about this new digit at the end of our date makes me feel that maybe I can change things. Maybe it’s worth trying. Maybe, just maybe, I actually do have some power.

So here I am, January 1st, in the year of our Lord 2021, telling you this: I will speak truth this year. Fear will not lock my words away. Tradition, expectations, the almighty conflict avoidance . . . these things may affect my tone and forcefulness, they will definitely fill me with almost suffocating panic, but they will not silence me. This vow seems cheap, written here under a pseudonym. Perhaps it is. But it is a step.

May the God

Who placed himself as a defenseless, human, newborn in the hands of a young, unwed woman, sheltered in a stranger’s stable

Continue to protect the powerless.

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