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Surprise! It's Covid.

Guess what?

I’ll give you a couple of hints: It’s January 2021, covid cases are rising horrifically across the United States, our congregation has kept meeting in person anyway, and some of those members are almost militant anti-maskers.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Our local church is a covid-19 hotspot.

Who could possibly have seen this coming?

Our family had one positive test, but we have all been sick. Thankfully, we all seem to be greatly improved. Our family’s quarantine is almost over.

I’m honestly not sure who all has it at this point. It seems obvious to me that church should stop meeting for a couple of weeks, to possibly keep the last few people from getting it, and to encourage all of us to quarantine. That seems unlikely to happen.

And the kicker? Days after our family’s diagnosis, we finally learned where we (most likely) got it. The first in the congregation to get sick with covid is our most belligerent anti-masker. When her symptoms got bad, she stayed home and eventually got tested, but she didn’t bother to let anyone know of her diagnosis, despite exposing all of us by attending services when her symptoms were mild. She only admitted it when we let her know of our diagnosis and encouraged her to get tested if she had any symptoms.

I am not a happy camper.

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